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Facial Anatomy 
for Medical Aesthetic
Injector Training Institute

Core Aesthetics Training Institute, a medical aesthetic injector training institute wanted to have their own original drawings of the anatomy of the face to use in educational materials. They asked me to illustrate 5 different layers of anatomy projected on top of a young woman’s face: the muscles, blood vessels, superficial and deep fat pads, and the skull. The layers can be shown separately or in combination (skull + blood vessels for example) which can be useful in teaching.

All layers

Starting off with all the layers projected at the same time, keeping the skull and fat layers a bit more transparent to keep things readable. This way of showing the anatomy will mostly be useful to show relative positioning of different anatomical structures.

Facial Anatomy Illustration All Layers

Individual layers of anatomy

To see things more clearly we have to look at each of the layers individually. Here are the separate layers of fat, muscle, blood vessels and skull anatomy, giving a clearer picture of these systems on there own.

All of the anatomical layers, and also the portrait of the woman were first drawn in Illustrator and then painted in Photoshop.

Superficial fat pads
Facial Anatomy Illustration Superficial Fat Pads
Veins and arteries
Facial Anatomy Illustration Blood Vessels
Facial Anatomy Illustration Muscles
Facial Anatomy Illustration Skull
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